Experts: Four strokes to help you concentrate after a long holiday

Experts: Four strokes to help you “concentrate” after a long holiday

The “11th” long holiday is coming to an end, and people are likely to relax too much during the holidays and become bored, nervous or even afraid of the work and study that will begin after the holidays.
Mental health experts suggest that people can adjust their emotions in four ways to allow them to enter a normal life smoothly.
  Yan Junying, deputy chief physician of the Department of Mental Health of the Hebei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that first of all, you should start to “get your heart” in the last day or two of the holiday.It will not be too difficult.
  Secondly, give more benign hints to yourself, and can assist massage, acupuncture and other health care.
People who are unwilling to go to work may have anxiety or depression. Massages of acupoints on the head and back of Baihui, Sun, Fengchi, etc. can make people’s blood flow and stimulate yang.
  Third, adjust your emotions through appropriate exercise.
Yan Junying said that experiments have shown that exercise can increase serotonin levels in the body, and proper aerobic exercise such as Tai Chi and yoga can effectively relieve anxiety.
  In the end, if you have to escape from work after the holidays, people should reflect on whether the previous work pressure was too great, adjust the work rhythm, and moderately reduce stress for themselves.
Yan Junying said that excessive tension and excessive relaxation are prone to psychological problems, and normal people should make reasonable arrangements for work, study and entertainment, and relax.