I want a stovepipe massage where these acupuncture points help stovepipe

I want a stovepipe massage where these acupuncture points help stovepipe

Lymphatic massage stovepipe first bends the leg at 90 degrees, then put the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of the right hand together, put the three fingers to the joint at the back, and then overcome the place with about five points.About massage 3?
5 minutes can help drain and eliminate edema!

Because there are many lymph nodes behind the plasma, you can press more to stimulate the lymph and help the circulation.

Position of the Zusanli acupoint: Straighten the leg, and have a concave hole on the outside. 3 inches from the concave hole (about three fingers together), close to the depression on the outer side of the calf bone, is the foot three miles, slimming effect:Can promote circulation and eliminate excess meat in the legs.

Massage method: Slowly exhale, while slowly rubbing left and right 6 times with your fingertips or knuckles.

Repeat 10 times.

Acupoint location of Chengshan acupoint: When picking up the toes, you can find that there is a muscle bulge in the calf. The depression below the muscle is the Chengshan acupoint. It will be a bit sour when pressed.

Slimming effect: eliminate edema, eliminate waste in the body, beautify the calf curve.

Massage method: Massage slowly 6 times or so.

Repeat 10 times.
You can also use the thumb to press, hold and mix with exhalation, and continue to hold the acupuncture point for 5 seconds, then slowly loosen, with inhalation, rest 2?
5 seconds, repeat again, repeat 10 times