Green diet

Green diet Green weight loss is to eat more vegetables and plants containing more cellulose. The green weight loss method is as follows: 1. Eat vegetables, whole grains or cereals, high-cellulosic fruits, nuts and seeds; Cooking with vegetable oil or salad food; 3. Replace the sugar with jam or honey; 4. Minimize the use of … Read moreGreen diet

Improper diet leads to increased obese children

Improper diet leads to increased obese children Without breakfast, regular Western fast food and reduced physical activity, unhealthy lifestyles and socioeconomic and cultural factors are the main factors that cause obesity in children and adolescents. At present, overweight and obese children and adolescents have reached 12 million, accounting for ten alternatives in the world.   The … Read moreImproper diet leads to increased obese children

How Yoga Heals Psychology

How Yoga Heals Psychology Any external or internal factors that cause excessive stress can cause our minds to lose balance. As a result, neural function will be constrained, and mental coordination will begin to weaken. Some people’s internal changes will develop more slowly, while others will develop faster. This may be reflected in any aspect … Read moreHow Yoga Heals Psychology