Accidental pimples are getting more and more_1

Accidental pimples are increasing

In order to completely eliminate the acne in the shrinking bladder, some girls find a specialist to help prescribe the medicine. The medicine is stubborn, but the acne is becoming more and more significant. What is going on?

Is the skin allergic to the drug?

  ”Is taking pill and pill less likely to develop new acne these two weeks?

“Miss X, looking at the second visit, asked the doctor while looking through a magnifying glass.

  ”Big acne is less long.

But why do I seem to have more small acne?

Miss X couldn’t wait to release the two weeks of questions in a hurry!

  The above dialogue can be said to be the dialogue between many acne families who see the doctor for the second time.

Of course, not everyone will have this situation. In fact, more people have fewer large acne, fewer small acne, and fewer acne!

  So what kind of conversation would someone have?

In simple terms, it is a person who appears with a transition period of acne.

  The so-called more small acne in Ms. X’s mouth is actually not the actual acne, but the phenomenon of acne rising upwards.

The following author will let everyone know through the following figure.

  Everyone knows that the most important thing to get rid of acne is to get rid of acne.

Because acne is the predecessor of acne, as long as the acne is not removed for a day, it may catch the opportunity at any time and become acne. Maybe it is eating the wrong thing to stimulate it into acne.It is the evolution of hormones before the physiological period that stimulates it.

  So usually the doctor will prescribe one or two medicines for wiping the whole face when seeing the doctor. Why do I have to rub the face without acne just to remove all acne in the pores.

But rubbing does not make acne evaporate. It is actually the acne that is visible or invisible to the naked eye in the pores. It slowly lifts up from the depth of the pores, breaks the cocoon and gradually rises. Finally, the face is washed off automatically.

So netizens can see that in the picture, when the acne has not actually floated to the top surface, and the acne can be washed down, the acne that is lifted up will actually highlight the skin surface. At this time, the acne will become more obvious, andMany people’s patients have misunderstood many small acne.

  Because this process may be very simple to see pictures, but in fact, acne can be washed from the beginning of acne treatment to the real face wash. It usually takes six to eight weeks, so many patients watched the small particles change before six to eight weeks.Most of them are very nervous, thinking that their acne has worsened or treatment has failed.

  In fact, as long as you understand this phenomenon, you should be happy that acne has surfaced!