Constipation crisis hits you young

Constipation “crisis” hits you young

Constipation is a common clinical disease, and the elderly are a common group of patients with constipation, but constipation is by no means the patent of the elderly.
Constipation is not the patent of the elderly. Now it targets the white-collar female friends. What is the reason?
  In recent years, the number of young people suffering from constipation has increased, especially white-collar women, accounting for about 30% of patients with constipation.
High work pressure and excessive psychological stress, coupled with the fact that many young people do not pay attention to physical exercise, go out of the car, get off the car to go upstairs, sit in the office for a long time, exercise too little time, too little activity, are important reasons for young people suffering from constipationOne.
  Women wary: long-term habitual constipation can make people grow old faster!
Many people have misunderstandings about constipation. They feel that constipation is a minor illness, and it is not worth going to the hospital. Just buy some laxatives at home.
  Toxins in the body are excreted mainly through feces.
Long-term constipation, the toxins in the body cannot be discharged in time, which can induce inflammation, tumors and other diseases; if you have chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, constipation can cause complications and exacerbations, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, intestinal diverticulosis, and intestinal obstruction, Hernia of stomach tissue into the chest cavity and mental illness, which seriously affect people’s quality of life.
  Constipation is actually a polygynecological disease. Diet, disease, drugs, and mental factors can cause constipation.
But the main reasons can be attributed to two types. One is constipation caused by organic lesions, such as tumors, inflammation, tuberculosis, and polyps; the other is functional constipation, such as low colonic motility and intestinal motility.
  Patients with constipation should go to the hospital for an examination to confirm the cause of constipation.
First, exclude organic lesions and enteroscopy if necessary to see if there are intestinal tumors, inflammation, intestinal tuberculosis or intestinal polyps.
If you take your own medicine without checking at home, it may have some effect in the short term, but it may cover up the condition and delay the treatment.
Director Hou said that the reason why many people do not want to have a colonoscopy is mainly because they are afraid of suffering from colonoscopy and can’t stand it.
  Non-drug treatment should be the first choice for the treatment of constipation. On the basis of excluding organic diseases, comprehensive treatment should be performed according to the cause and severity of constipation.
The first choice of treatment should be non-drug treatment, develop a regular bowel habit, establish a reasonable diet structure, eat more crude fiber vegetables, such as celery, leek, etc., drink plenty of water, pay attention to relax the mood, and strengthen physical exercise.
  People who are sitting in the office for a long time can use the work gap to do anal lifting exercises, preferably 30 to 50 times at a time, to increase the contractility of the muscles around the anus and promote local blood circulation.
Secondly, under the guidance of a doctor, targeted drug treatment should be carried out, and drugs with little toxic side effects and no dependence should be selected.
It is not advisable for someone to go to a pharmacy to buy laxatives.
Clinical findings show that some laxatives, such as senna, senna, and aloe capsules, can cause electrolyte disturbances, hypokalemia, vitamin deficiency, intestinal inflammation, and severely induce precancerous lesions such as colonic melanosis and neurogenic sham, if taken for a long timeSexual obstruction.