30% of children can’t stand parents’ radicals

30% of children can’t stand parents’ “radicals”

A few days ago, the Youth Research Association of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League conducted a survey of 307 adolescents about “what kind of behavior of parents you can’t stand”, and the results showed that 94 people could not stand the “excitement of parents who said they were inferior to other childrenLaw “, accounting for 30.
62%, ranked first.
Secondly, 21% of parents can’t stand the “irony and sarcasm” of parents.
50%; 20% can’t stand the “peeking diary” of parents
  On August 8, Zhou Yongmei, a psychologist at the Liaoning Youth Research Association, said in an interview with a reporter that there was a child named Nan Nan who had talked about such a thing when he received psychological counseling: growing up with Lele, a child next door.
When he was young, his mother often compared him with Lele, always saying he was inferior to Lele.
At first Nan Nan was just unhappy.
Finally one day Nan Nan couldn’t help but shouted to his mother, “Mom, why don’t you like me!
“Then he turned around and ran away, and this walk actually took 3 days.
  Experts believe that the ruler has some advantages and the inch has some shortness.
Nannan’s mother wanted to motivate her son by complimenting Lele, but it did not work as expected.
In fact, children need to grow up with encouragement and praise, which will give them confidence.
Parents should say more to their children: “You can do it, you are awesome!