[Calories of a corn]_Effect_Efficacy

[Calories of a corn]_Effect_Efficacy

The calorie of a corn is only 143 calories, which will not cause us to have too much, and the corn is rich in a lot of cellulose, which can promote the digestion and weight loss of the stomach, so eating corn for a long time can accelerate the metabolism of waste in the body.of.

Corn can be used as a method of soup or juice extraction. It is very suitable for female friends who want to lose weight. Everyone can come to understand the nutritional value of corn.

Will boiled corn be fat if you eat it? Boiled corn will not be fat when you eat it, because corn itself has low conversion, and eating corn promotes the elimination of waste from the body, thereby reducing weight.

1. Eating corn for a long time will not cause obesity. Corn contains a large amount of crude fiber and magnesium, which can promote the peristalsis of the turbine, accelerate the discharge of waste in the body, and help to lose weight.

Eating corn has many benefits to the body. Don’t worry about causing too much, but it is recommended that you eat a reasonable diet, do not eat too much, and eat it with vegetables and meat.

Don’t make food too simple.

Food to lose weight with exercise is the best.

In addition, you can drink water with corn whisker, which can help to lose weight.

You don’t have to eat a lot of corn.

Eating too much waxy corn is not good for digestion.

So pay attention.

2. Eating corn will definitely not make you fat, because corn is a coarse grain and contains a lot of cellulose, which can easily cause abdominal discomfort, and can prevent constipation. Corn is not easy to digest. Its starch stays in the stomach for a shorter time and is less prone to droughtThe corn is rich in vitamin E and can be used for beauty. I think corn is the best food for beauty and weight loss.

3, corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium and lecithin, vitamin E, etc., all have the effect of reducing serum insulin, neither increase fat, but have the effect of weight loss.

Corn can be used as a tea substitute for soup or pulverized into corn flour and corn cakes.

The puffed popcorn is large in volume, which can eliminate the dry feeling of excessive people after eating, but the impurities after eating are very low, and it is also one of the substitutes for weight loss.

4. Corn “soup” has a diuretic effect, especially for edema and obesity.

What is easy edema?

That is, when you wake up every day, you will feel the swelling of your feet and face, as well as your body. That is, your metabolism is not good enough, and you usually go to the toilet less often than ordinary people, so that you will easily get edema.

The instant conversion of a boiled waxy corn is 142 calories. If you want to completely consume this conversion after eating, you must run 2.

Only 3 kilometers or more is allowed.

Even so, its instantaneous and other staple food ratios are still low, and taking into account the exacerbation of corn on the human body, it is excellent to eat more corn.

Corn has a variety of effects. The crude fiber caused by it can moisturize the intestines and urinate, stimulate the stomach and the stomach to expedite emptying, repair the vitality in the body, and long-term consumption of corn for constipated friends can improve the disease.

Corn also protects our eyes and fights aging.

This is because corn contains a lot of progesterone and zeaxanthin. Those who often use the eye need more supplements. Eating more corn can alleviate the symptoms of vision loss and macular variation.