[How to make and eat dried fish is simple and easy]

[How to make and eat dried fish is simple and easy]

Dried fish is a favorite of many people. Its nutrition is also very rich, and it is rich in protein. Eating this kind of food is delicious and not easy to cause weight gain.

People may not know much about the practice of dried fish. The practice of dried fish is relatively simple, and there is not much material used. Cleaning is very important.

If you make your own dried fish maw, this is both economical and affordable.

Let’s learn the practice of dried fish together.

Ingredients Recipe Speed: 63 (Kcal) Ingredients Dry Fish Four Methods / Step 1.

Cut the dried fish and soak in cold water for ten minutes to get the salty taste 2.

Heat the pan with cold oil and pour the fish over medium heat until the noodles are yellow.


After frying, pour in a small bowl of clear water. Do not flip it, or it will have a fishy smell. Add clear water and put the chopped peppers and garlic in the same way. Do not move the fish.


After the water is dry, you can flip the fish. Pour the raw soy sauce, chicken essence, and spring onion and stir-fry.


Then you can load the dish. Do not flip the fish casually after adding water, or it will have a fishy smell.

I did n’t put ginger and cooking wine at all.

Use cold water for soaking fish, and a little spicy pepper, not so delicious.

Generally, the salted fish in Jiangnan in winter is not very salty, and the fish is mainly dried. The fishes weighing more than 10 kg are usually made of grass carp or herring.

1, dried herring, cut into pieces and steamed to eat the most fragrant.

Add in steaming wine, ginger and shallots before steaming.

Can add some salad oil.

(If it is dried fish from the sea fish, add minced garlic) 2. The head, fins, skeleton of dried herring, etc., can be cooked with fresh meat pieces, scallops, and fresh bamboo shoots to make a pickled soup.
3. Refer to the preparation of steamed fish, cook various seasonings and dried fish together, remove the dried fish after cooking, put it in the refrigerator to freeze it, and cut it into thin slices to enjoy.