In a word, let you suddenly


In a word, let you suddenly


To live a day, if you are blessed, you should cherish it.

When I cried, I didn’t have shoes to wear, I found someone without feet.


I would rather forgive others, and let others forgive you.


The world is not yours, so you don’t have to abandon it. What you want to abandon is the attachment of everything.

All is what I use, but not my own.


Others can violate the cause and effect, others can harm us, hit us, and ruin us.

But we can’t hate others because of this, why?

We must have a complete nature and a clean heart.


You have your view of life, I have my view of life, I don’t interfere with you.

If I was able to, then I would reform you.

If not, then I resign to fate.


If you are going to get married, tell you a very important philosophical quote. “You must endure the tolerance of the other side. There is no absolute happy marriage in the world. Happiness comes from infinite tolerance and mutual respect.


My wealth is not because I have a lot, but I rarely ask for it.


Not someone is bothering me, but I am troubled by someone’s words and deeds.


Living in the applause of others is a person who can’t stand the test.


If you can scream twenty-one times a day, “I don’t need to worry about this little thing,” you will find that there is an incredible power in your heart. Try it, it works.


If everything goes with him, it is a free person in the world.


Thank God for what I have, thank God I don’t have it.


It is accidental, and walking is inevitable.

So you have to let it be if things stay still and stay still to let it be.


Others are always right, I am always wrong, this is no trouble.


Stupid people always want others to understand him.

wise people try hard to understand themselve.

For the fact that it cannot be changed, there is no better way than to accept the fate.


In fact, people who love beauty just fall in love with themselves.
銆€銆€18 years old

To tell a lie, to make up ten lie to make up for it, why bother?


When you face things with troubles, you will feel that everything is karma, and the world will become ugly and hateful.


Don’t have to go back and see who is cursing you?

If there is a mad dog biting you, do you have to kneel down and bite him?

銆€銆€twenty one

The arrogant people are saved, and the inferior people are not saved.

銆€銆€twenty two

When do you let go, when will you have no troubles?

銆€銆€twenty three.

One reason for suffering, is the pursuit of the wrong things.

銆€銆€twenty four

Accompanied by the fact that others make you suffer, it is better to say that your cultivation is not enough.

銆€銆€25 years old

Destiny is responsible for shuffling, but playing is our own!


Fault is a temporary regret, and miss is a regret forever!


The biggest regret in life is that you insist on not insisting on it, and easily give up what you should not give up.28.

Sometimes the biggest relief when queuing up in the dining hall is not that there are fewer people in front and more people waiting in the back.


I saw an aunt burning paper and muttering while burning: I received all the funds to buy it~~ 30.

The beauty of learning lies in making people confused; the beauty of poetry lies in inciting the derailment of men and women; the beauty of women lies in stupidity without resentment; the beauty of men lies in the fact that lies are white.