How to play to effectively improve ear hearing

How to play to effectively improve ear hearing

Although the ear is not the most conspicuous place near the human facial features, it is an indispensable organ for us.

“Lingshu · Pulse” said: “The kidney qi flows through the ear, and the kidney and the ear can smell the five sounds.

Moreover, “the ears are gathered by the veins,” the twelve meridians pass through the ears, so when our local organs and parts are displaced, they can be reflected to the corresponding points of the auricle through the meridians.

If you can do some healthy ear movements from time to time, you can not only clear the meridians, run qi and blood, regulate the internal organs, but also achieve the purpose of preventing and treating diseases.

  In general, the earlobe is equivalent to the face. When the internal fire is inflamed and the teeth and ears are swollen or painful, the earlobe can be rubbed with the thumbs of both hands until the ears become red and hot, twice a day.There are also beauty and beauty effects.

When the ear wheel is folded in half to the tragus, the upper edge of the auricle is the upper tip, and massage here has the effects of antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and hypotensive.

In addition, the ear nail cavity is equivalent to the internal organs of the thorax. It often stimulates this part and has a beneficial effect on the heart, brain, lung, and blood system. The specific method is: put the index finger at the ear hole, and put the thumb on the back of the ear to straighten it., 3 times a day.

  In normal life, we can often do some ear exercises, such as rubbing the auricles, rub the front and back of the auricles gently with the palms back and forth, 8 beats each time, repeat 4 times; or rub the ears with the forefingers of both index fingersYou can rub slightly on the head and triangle socket, 8 beats each time, repeat 4 times; or do a pinna movement, use your thumb and index finger to knead up and down along the pinna, from the tip of the ear to the earlobe, rubbing back and forth,8 beats each time, repeat 4 times; Or insert ear hole movement, insert forefinger into ear hole, and then pull out suddenly, gently 8 beats each time, repeat 4 times; Or use both hands to tightly cover both ears, insert both middle fingers into the pillowFold your two index fingers on your two middle fingers, slide them down with both index fingers at the same time, beat the pillow with rhythm, and release your hands at the same time.

These small movements can not only brighten your eyes and improve your hearing, but also have enhanced memory and hearing, and implant tinnitus and deafness.