Hawaiian hula on tip of tongue

Hawaiian hula on tip of tongue


Twain said: Hawaii is the most beautiful island in the ocean and the most lovely island fleet moored in the ocean.

  Scenery, fascinating coast, clear sky and sunset, coconut palm trees, flowers and sea rhymes, Hawaiian volcano goddess, party fire banquet, hula dance east, warm, simple, sincere, make people nostalgic everywhere; in such a full of fantasyPlace, how can we have less food companionship?

  The third floor of Huaneng Building is such a place full of dreams.

  A giant pirate ship stands at the entrance of the restaurant. His name is Fur Romi, and he can’t help but play the pirate once. He picks up a knife and fork to grab food on this tenth century voyage ship, 186 varieties, raging a little, noRelationships-Although the ship has evolved into a buffet table, it also seduces the charm with food.

  I have eaten too much on the buffet barbecue, and this kind of barbecue is the first time I have seen it in the history of predation.

  Seafood barbecue with rich fruits, this is the epitome of Hawaiian culture, the blue waters, the layers of waves, all the deliciousness of the ocean is rolled to the shore, fish, shrimp, mussels, oysters, ginseng grass stars, Hawaii’s rich fruits and the oceanDelicious is a natural pair.

  French grilled snails, Hawaiian grilled oysters, and Hawaiian curry sauce are rich in nutrition and special taste; of course, the “followme barbecue pirate hall” inherits the authentic method of making Hawaiian barbecue.

The flavor is first added to the food, and then refined. After the seasoning is mixed, the taste is complete, and the taste buds are stimulated like never before. Tart, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, fragrant, hemp, and curry.The mustard frequently swells, the taste is unpredictable, and the taste is constantly changing. It is simply a “Hawaiian hula on the tip of the tongue”.

  Finally, don’t forget to go to the Hawaiian Bar for two romantic cocktails.