Beautiful eyes hope for the liver

Beautiful eyes hope for the liver

The eyes “beautiful eyes, charming smiles . looking back at Baimeisheng .” You know, in the smile of this autumn wave, there are actually clues about physical health.

  The main text of eye disease: “Eye is the liver”, the famous medical book “Four Diagnostic Tips” even states that “big eyes have big livers, small eyes have small livers”, and liver diseases can often be seen through the eyes.
Dr. Xu Ying, director of internal medicine at Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that those patients with night blindness are actually caused by blood deficiency in the liver; when we have eye swelling and pain, accompanied by headache, dizziness, pain in the ribs, and easy temper, most of them are caused by internal heat in the liver; sheIt also reminds us to be careful of liver problems if your eyes are blue.

In addition to reflecting the condition of the liver, the health of other organs, you can also read a lot in the windows of your eyes.

  Topics on Cervical Spondylopathy ● Mona Lisa’s eyes “Mona Lisa’s Smile” has an endless aftertaste. Everyone can read different messages between her eyebrows, and the famous Taiwanese physician He Quanfeng saw that in MonaLisa’s left eye is partially above the eyelid, and there are two symmetrical yellow-brown adolescent nodules, which are medically called xanthomas.

This is a benign skin disease, which mainly occurs in people with high hypertension or mild metabolic disorders. Therefore, people with xanthomas are susceptible to cardiovascular disease. We do not study Mona Lisa.Is there a sign of cardiovascular disease before birth, but if you find yourself or a friend around you have xanthomas, you must be careful, it is best to go to the hospital early to check for possible problems.

  However, the most common cause of eyelid edema (especially drinking too much water at night) usually disappears within an hour or two after getting up. However, if you still have puffy eye bubbles at noon,It may be that there is a problem with the kidney, it may be the deficiency of the kidney as mentioned in Chinese medicine, it may be acute, chronic nephritis or other complications of the kidney.

  There is also a drooping eyelid. In severe cases, the eyelids will cover part of the pupils and vision will be affected. This may be due to myasthenia gravis, depression, cerebrovascular disease, and internal diseases such as vitamin B1 deficiency.Do not treat it as a general eye disease until you make a careful diagnosis.

  ● Iris-The window of internal visceral diseases. The iris is a ring-shaped film rich in pigment around the pupil. It can adjust the size of the pupil. Most of the yellow iris is brown.

  Why does Little Iris have magical powers to predict various diseases?

  Because it is part of the central nervous system, it is covered with receptors of various organs: the side area represents the lungs (the pits here represent lung diseases), the upper part represents the heart, the lower part represents the liver, and the circle around the pupil represents perfusion.Dimples appear and most often have peptic ulcers.

Bright spots on the iris indicate a problem with the brain nerves; if there are scattered dots of different colors, it is a symptom of rheumatism; a change in the iris of the left eye represents a problem somewhere in the right half of the body, and conversely, the right eye irisThe changes suggest the disease of the left half of the body.

Because it is very accurate to use iris to diagnose diseases early, a large-scale “iris diagnostics” has been formed in the world.