7 ways to get your fitness going

7 ways to get your fitness going

Even professional fitness people have low moods.

Fitness trainers, personal trainers, and other experts in the industry have once said to us, “I really don’t want to go to the gym today.”

However, unlike us, they can always overcome their inertia and persist.

The following 7 methods are introduced by some fitness experts for their experience and tips to overcome inherent inertia and maintain a high degree of enthusiasm for exercise.


The power of goals is to set goals endlessly. Such goals can be “wearing smaller clothes” or “preparing for road racing.”

“Every year I try to learn a new exercise or fitness method,” said Reebok trainer Pietra Cooper.

Recently, I learned windsurfing during the 8 days of vacation.

It feels good to learn new things. This exercise makes my arm, hip and leg muscles stronger. I can exercise without entering the gym!


Finding a fitness companion Beryl Burch, director of a yoga research institute in New York, has worked out with friends.

I like walking or cycling with friends.

I find that working out with others is harder than working alone.

If one friend is not enough, you can find two or three.

The more friends you have, the more conscious you will be.


Imagine what it looks like when it comes to bodybuilding. When a fitness program becomes a headache, think about what it looks like when you lose weight-this is the experience of the author of the book “Shaping Your Perfect Body” by Bared Scofield.

“When I didn’t want to do another set of strength exercises, I integrated myself and said that there would be a few more seconds. It would be worth it to work harder.


As the season changes, if you eat the same thing every day, you will quickly get bored.

So why repeat the same exercise every day?

Lisa Olfing, executive director of the US President’s Fitness Center, often combines outings or new dances with the usual running and strength exercises.

While adhering to basic items, a new item is added every other interval.

Sometimes you can even change the fitness by changing seasons-mountain biking and trail running in summer, and skiing in winter.


Happiness is the reason for exercise. Don’t count how much misfortune your exercise really burns, or which muscles you exercise, but think about whether you have a good time or not.

Dr. Cedric Bryant, of the American Fitness Council, said that if I can’t feel my energy, I will put down dumbbell exercises or traditional cardio exercises, and go to more competitive activities for basketball or tennis.

  If you don’t like to participate in competitions, you can arrange some excursions based on your surroundings, such as sprinting or running.

Dr. Peter Franks, director of the Biomechanics Laboratory at San Diego State University, has incorporated his hobby of gardening into fitness. His way of fitness is to take a walk and visit the neighbor’s garden.


Fitness is just like eating. Professionals who are accustomed to too much fitness take fitness as an important item on their schedule. They even check their schedule for the next day every day and think about when they can schedule a run or go to a fitness club.

If you can transform fitness into a lifestyle like eating, you will find that persistence is not too difficult.


Occasionally reduce the intensity of exercise “Sometimes I will reduce the intensity of exercise. It is thought that I can’t complete a 5 km long run and do nothing, anyway, I might as well go for a 1 km walk to make myself feel good.

This strategy by California fitness physiologist Douglas Brooks is very effective in maintaining exercise.

If you exercise regularly, then stop 1 occasionally?
2 days will not have much impact.