Complications of hepatitis B

Complications of hepatitis B

Will there be some complications of hepatitis B?

The experts are invited to explain for everyone.

  1. Liver cancer: HBV, HCV infection is closely related to its incidence.

With slow-lived liver, liver cancer is more common in patients with cirrhosis.

It can also be seen in the development of liver cancer in the stage of cirrhosis caused by chronic HBV infection.

Its mechanism is currently thought to be related to HBV-DNA integration, especially X gene integration.

HBxAg plays an important role in transactivating proto-oncogenes.

  2. Hepatogenic diabetes: The clinical manifestations are similar to type 2 diabetes, with the difference that heparogenic diabetes is markedly increased on fasting and C peptide is normal.

After taking glucose, insulin increased significantly, while C remained too low for a while, because the liver’s ability to inactivate insulin was reduced, which caused an increase; in addition, glucagon was reduced in liver inactivation.The body decreases, and it develops resistance to insulin. Although it has increased, it continues to be high. At the same time, C-peptide is less affected by the kidney, so C-peptide is not high, indicating that there is no significant abnormality in the secretory function of β cells.

In order to identify with type 2 diabetes, insulin release test and C-peptide release test can be used.

  3. Juvenile liver: The mechanism is still unclear, characterized by good general conditions, single ALT, moderate elevation, and increased blood lipids. B-mode ultrasound examination can show juvenile liver waveforms, and the diagnosis is based on liver biopsy and pathological examination.

  4. Cirrhosis: The development of chronic hepatitis into cirrhosis is the result of liver fibrosis.

The pathogenesis has not been fully exacerbated, and it is still found in subacute, chronic severe hepatitis, and asymptomatic HBsAg carriers with insidious onset.